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What is a publicist ??

 A publicist is a person whose job is to generate and manage publicity for a company, a brand, or public figure – especially a celebrity – Agents take bookings -

 Publicists work as the bridge between their customers and the media. They represent their clients by managing the media's perception of them 

 Publicists create work....

How does it work

Fashion Against Ivory 2019

Our "Fashion Against Ivory" launch show is well underway and about to be launched. Get involved as during 2019 the UK ground breaks the world in becoming the first country to ban ivory... ivory has played a HUGE place in fashion over the years with ivory used for jewelry,  So its fashions time to pay the elephants back and stopping the ivory trade in its tracks.  

Launch Event

The Lifestyle PR Company

We discover your brand’s untapped potential and implement modern solutions for sustained growth.

 When companies join The Palmer PR Agency they not only benefit from the proficiency and experience of an established public relations agency, they also have the advantage of access to our carefully crafted network of industry, media and celebrity contacts that have taken over twenty years in the making therefore acquiring the edge over their competition. 

If you fancy joining us as we go about trying to create life defining moments for Clients, their Brands and ourselves, why not pop in for a cuppa.

Did You Know :)

Palmer PR is proud to have worked along 

Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia  on several jobs  including the unveiling of Saudi Vision 2030 .. 

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We breathe PR. It’s what drives us; our clients, the opportunities ahead of them, the outlets who cover them.

Strategic communication campaigns are the rocket fuel for our clients. Creating and implementing initiatives for a wide variety of celebrities, influencers and leaders in entertainment means shining a spotlight by placing clients where they want to be most, in front of their fans and consumers.  Palmer PR Public Relations clients are well ­known celebrities and influencers in the worlds of film, television, music, fashion and beauty to lifestyle and business.

We are the architects behind the scenes supporting their:


We pride ourselves on collaborating with clients in an effort to protect established brands and formulate new opportunities for growth. Not everyone is comfortable navigating their public life and career, and we are here to help raise the right level of awareness for our client’s goals.



 Today's marketplace demands a level of authentic transparency in the world of 'celebrity' and all it encompasses. We recognize the importance of aiding clients as they navigate the challenges of building and maintaining their respective brands.”  M. Palmer 


Marc   has his  fingers on the pulse of what his client’s heartbeats — with a keen understanding of their stories and what makes them tick. For United he bought us ample opportunity, exposure, and value in unexpected ways.

—Brian Linton
President & Founder   United in Saudi Arabia