Our Experience Has Heights

We have a proven reputation for creating and nurturing some of the most successful and recognizable names in the UK, particularly in the luxury lifestyle, hospitality, real estate, design, philanthropy, art and culture categories.

Our team of publicists maintain extraordinary access to the most esteemed media outlets, corporations, organizations and events, making us uniquely qualified to handle fully integrated PR programs that achieve the highest-quality campaign results.


We connect, collaborate and captivate through compelling strategy and storytelling campaigns.

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Palmer PR is a publicity and consulting practice that transcends the boundaries of conventional PR with multi-faceted editorial, strategic marketing, corporate social responsibility and event campaigns that generate precise media messaging for consumer and industry attention.

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Palmer PR works closely with print, digital, and broadcast media to have clients consistently featured by top fashion, lifestyle, beauty and news outlets.  In order to secure press and increase awareness across all media platforms we blend traditional and digital PR practices by creating compelling and strategic content while working closely with digital influencers and tastemakers. 


Palmer Public Relations’ strong relationships with both established and upcoming talent often leads to valuable celebrity placements for our brands. We stay on message and carefully align your brand with specific celebrities to create an on-brand placement resulting in an increase in brand recognition and growth.


We team businesses and products with like-minded partners, influential personalities and celebrities to then integrate into campaigns across traditional PR, social media, events, and brand proprietary marketing channels. Through long-term relationships we create unique and fresh projects and collaborations. We increase online awareness of your brand through key placements and partnerships with digital influencers and tastemakers for direct customer sales and social media impressions.


From press and buyer previews to pop up shops, we curate experiences and one of a kind activations for brands based on their specific goals.  Our team is well versed in producing and managing special events including fashion shows, launch parties, and more. We work with you to create an event services plan to ensure a flawless executed event for you and your guests. Scope of services include, but not limited to, sponsorship accrual, model booking, food and beverage procurement, event design, invitations, front of house check-in, and location scouting.


Our in-house samples have become a go-to for top stylists and costume designers. We create instant access to our lines by frequently hosting industry insiders to display and introduce our client’s products, new collections or designs making them available on the spot, often resulting in celebrity or editorial placements. 


Displaying media content is an opportunity for brands to leverage their marketing efforts which is why we offer graphic design services to create press books, media kits, deck compilations, lookbooks, line sheets, website layout & styling.


We act as advisors to our clients, providing counsel through the lens of marketing and communications in order to optimize press value, brand recall, social engagement, and ultimately, ROI.  We consult with both new and existing brands in the areas of overall marketing and branding strategy, business development, brand introductions, partnerships, collaborations and trend forecasting. 


We strive to create imagery true and in line with your brand identity. Our team has experience producing lookbook photoshoots on location or in studio. We are well versed in creating concept boards, model casting, and prop styling in addition to booking photography, hair/makeup, and wardrobe due to our extensive rolodex of fashion and entertainment professionals. 

How it works

 Publicist is powered by the most respected, most connected and hardest working talent, globally. From the most innovative startups in the world to some of the most reputable brands of our time - they've got you. 

Our Monthly Retainer system is between £300 - £10,000 PCM depending on what your requirements are . 

We rake 0% commission from your projects and do not work on commissions - what you make is yours.


Here’s a non-exhaustive list of common tasks Publicists are required to complete.

  • Maintaining a good public image of their client or customer by contacting and providing information to the media:
  • Liaising with the media, creating contacts, and building a relationship with journalists and other media representatives;
  • advising company executives on the strategies and options available to deal with the public’s perception of the organization;
  • writing and presenting press releases aimed towards maintaining public awareness of the activities of their client, as well as a positive image;
  • holding conferences and giving interviews for the media;
  • promoting and advertising events sponsored by their clients to the press;
  • answering questions during press releases and interviews;
  • sponsoring corporate events to get media attention;
  • collecting popularity poll numbers and approval rates to present them to their clients; and
  • generating new and fresh ideas to get more media coverage.
  • Arranging and organizing events, interviews, and press conferences.
  • Working as part of a dedicated PR team where every member works towards a common goal.
  • Ensuring the integration of digital and social media with press releases and media campaigns.
  • Following the activities of their client in order to adapt their image to their activities, as well as the latest industry developments:
  • Preventing or responding to negative media coverage.
  • Ensuring compliance with the organization’s bylaws, regulations, policies, and procedures.