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We guarantee to save our clients money. Engaging a celebrity through us will typically cost much less than by any other method and will always be within budget. Because we work negotiating with celebrities for commercial work every day we can often persuade them to consider a project, or a fee below that which might be quoted elsewhere. Coupled with keen negotiating skills, we can often save our clients substantial sums of money when buying talent.

Think of us as a “wholesaler” or “trade buyer” of celebrity talent. If you buy from an agent (especially one of the big agents in LA) you will be quoted full “retail price”. (What the hotel industry calls “rack rates”). However, when you buy celebrity talent through  Palmer PR you will always obtain the best possible trade price because of our bulk buying experience and direct contact with the celebrity or their management

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We understand that you may have many questions when considering something as complex as a celebrity endorsement, product launch, PR campaign, personal appearance or corporate entertainment. So we’ve compiled an FAQ section to help you out.

Obviously, we can’t cover every possible question so if you need an answer to anything not covered here just use the contact form below the FAQs and we’ll happily answer your questions as quickly as possible. Our friendly agents are very excited at the prospect of hearing from you. 

Our team of experienced celebrity agents know which methods work best when approaching celebrities and have built-up extensive networks of contacts to save our clients time. We also know what qualities brands should be looking for in their chosen celebrity to maximise results.

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